We are back in Spain and I want to take this opportunity to thank Alfredo for everything. The best decision after choosing Costa Rica as a destination was to have his services.

 I congratulate him because he is  a great professional. From the beginning the communication with him was fluid and easy, he immediately understood what we wanted and offered us just what we were looking for in a surprisingly fast way, which I cannot say about any of the other agencies I contacted.

But it does not stop there: the service we received, both by him and by Luis the the driver, his closeness, kindness and unlimited patience, his ability to locate the birds, his knowledge about them, their songs, the amount of information received about the nature, culture and history of Costa Rica… has far exceeded any expectations and has turned this trip into a wonderful experience.

It is not easy to manage a group of 11 people, and even less so having them all happy all the time, how it has been. And it is easy to reach the figure of 342 species, also having quality in the observations, the whole group can enjoy them and stop to photograph them.

I repeat, and I speak on behalf of everyone, thank you very much for an unforgettable trip.

Estela Gil group

Huelva, España

January 2022

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